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Dentist Database for Your State  $25.00 


Trying to get a list of all dentists in your zip code?  How about your county?  You can spend HOURS and HOURS trying to make your own list of all dentists in your area of whom you'll send resume's to.  Why spend all that time trying to find dentists when I've done the work for you!?  You can sort by city, zip code, name, etc.  I even provide you with phone numbers and EMAIL ADDRESSES!  Stay in touch with the practice by email for free!  

You can use this database to do a mail merge within MIcrosoft Office that can generate these names into labels and cover letters without you having to do each one manually.

Fields Included:

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Postal Address
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Specialty

  To see how many dentists names I have in my database, check the chart below for your state.  The select your state and "Add to cart" to purchase.

State Names   State Names   State Names   State Names   State Names
AK 438   GA 4540   MD 4257   NH 831   SC 2004
AL 2036   HI 1204   ME 637   NJ 6790   SD 371
AR 1151   IA 1679   MI 6996   NM 1041   TN 3277
AZ 3461   ID 879   MN 3479   NV 1084   TX 12233
CA 29246   IL 9107   MO 3093   NY 16471   UT 1984
CO 3672   IN 3221   MS 1132   OH 6875   VA 4038
CT 2914   KS 1507   MT 513   OK 1908   VT 370
DC 658   KY 2662   NC 4085   OR 2569   WA 4749
DE 331   LA 2007   ND 348   PA 8517   WI 3525
FL 10156   MA 4976   NE 1210   RI 571   WV 917
                        WY 274

Want to see a sample file?  If so, download this -

Thie file is EMAILED to you. Nothing is physically sent to your address, so shipping is FREE!

*$10 surchage for CA, FL, NY, TX due to amount of names given to you.

This list comes in Microsoft Excel format.  If you do not have Microsoft Excel then you can download a FREE alternative that can still open the list.  The free program is called Open Office and can be downloaded at

* Disclaimer - At the time this was completed, everything was deemed to be accurate and up to date.  We make no guarantees that the addresses, phone numbers or email addresses are and always will be up to date.  Sometimes offices close, merge or move and it would be impossible to track every office.  Also, some names on this list could potentially be specialists that would not need to hire a hygienist.  This list also sells to dental assistants and office staff as well.  For instance some names might be an Orthodontist and in most cases it is notated, but not always.  The worst case scenario is that you send a resume to someone who does not employ a hygienist but for the most part at least 98%+ are dentists.   Also please note that some names on this list have the same address.  That means the office has more than one dentist and in that case I suggest sending a resume in attention to the dentists in general such as "Dear Doctors" or "Dear Dentists".

(This item requires additional shipping of $3.99 for the first item, and $1.99 for each additional item + regular shipping costs.)
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This product was added to our catalog on 05/11/2012.
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